WordPress 推荐安装的 PHP 扩展

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WordPress 推荐安装的 PHP 扩展,原文在此

  1. curl – Performs remote request operations.
  2. exif – Works with metadata stored in images.
  3. fileinfo – Used to detect mimetype of file uploads.
  4. hash – Used for hashing, including passwords and update packages.
  5. json – Used for communications with other servers.
  6. mbstring – Used to properly handle UTF8 text.
  7. mysqli – Connects to MySQL for database interactions.
  8. libsodium – Validates Signatures and provides securely random bytes.
  9. openssl – Permits SSL-based connections to other hosts.
  10. pcre – Increases performance of pattern matching in code searches.
  11. imagick – Provides better image quality for media uploads. See WP_Image_Editor is incoming! for details. Smarter image resizing (for smaller images) and PDF thumbnail support, when Ghost Script is also available.
  12. xml – Used for XML parsing, such as from a third-party site.
  13. zip – Used for decompressing Plugins, Themes, and WordPress update packages.


  1. ImageMagick 官网:https://imagemagick.org/ Github:https://github.com/ImageMagick/ImageMagick/releases
  2. GraphicsMagick 官网:http://www.graphicsmagick.org/




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